Civil Non-Woven

Civil Non-Woven
Environment Non-Woven

Civil nonwoven geotextiles are most commonly used in the transportation industry for construction of paved and unpaved roadways, reinforcement and filtration functions, designing an erosion control plan or planning a subsurface drainage system. Shahzada Industries provides and installs just the right nonwoven geotextile product for your project to ensure excellence in each step and yield quality completion. Civil Geotextiles are produced using the latest technology in geotextile manufacturing. Comprised of high strength polypropylene fiber, our needle punched nonwovens provides superior performance in applications of filtration, separation, drainage, and erosion protection.

Advantages of Non-Woven Geotextiles:

♦ Durable UV Stabilized Polypropylene Fiber
♦ High Tensile Strength With Excellent Puncture and Tear Resistance
♦ Nonwoven Structure Provides Excellent Surface Friction and Built In Elongation
♦ Chemically Stable for Use In Aggressive Environment
♦ Fine Pore Structure While Maintaining High Permittivity

Common Applications of Non-Woven Civil Geotextiles:

♦ Waste Management
♦ Filtration
♦ Landfill Drainage and Filtration
♦ Drainage
♦ Erosion Protection
♦ Separation