♦ Agricultural and pipe drains
♦ Drains with French drains
♦ Subsurface drain
♦ Drainage of contiguous and secant piled walls
♦ Blanket drains in roads, in sports fields
♦ Vertical drains

◊ Concrete processing pits
◊ Concrete sump pits
◊ Precast concrete manholes
◊ Concrete sewer tunnels
◊ Concrete storage tanks
◊ Prefabricated concrete structures

♦ Wall drainage

◊ Relieve external water pressure from buried structures
◊ Highways Bridge abutment and wingwall drainage
◊ Structural drainage on rail projects
◊ Drainage on Green Bridges
◊ Drainage behind retaining walls
◊ Covered reservoir roofs and walls
◊ Tunnel drainage
◊ Roof garden drainage
◊ Relief of uplift pressure beneath tanks, slabs and culverts
◊ Capillary break layer below base slabs
◊ Structural drainage

♦ Road and Civil Engineering Drainage (Road Edge Drains)

◊ French drains
◊ Combined surface and sub-surface drainage
◊ Highways
◊ Flood zone roads and highways