Geotextile Geocell

HDPE Geocell
Geotextile Geocell

Geotextile Geocell is made of geotextiles helps control erosion and ensures better resistance to the erosive effects of wind and water run-off. It is made specifically from permeable geotextile to allow water to flow freely between cells encouraging drainage and vegetation.

This Geocell can be used on slopes upto 1:1 and is flexible enough to be formed around trees and other obstacles that maybe in its path. Seeded topsoil is the most suitable fill for less-exposed slopes, with small shrubs offering improved protection, but granular material as filler offers the highest level of  protection. Geotextile Geocell is supplied as flat packed panels which open up to form honeycomb-like structure and once properly placed they are pinned to the ground using fixing pins and then filled with a permeable infill.

Common Application of Geotextile Geocell:

♦ Cut or fill embankments
♦ Dams or spillways
♦ Revetments
♦ Abutment protection
♦ Geomembrane protection
♦ Soil-nailing cover
♦ Landfill lining