Geotextile-Geonet Geocomposite

Geotextile-Geonet Geocomposite is a robust separator/filter housing a stiff laminated geonet between two geotextile filter layers. It is a robust trackbed separator designed where the subgrade soils are good but contain angular stone which could damage a standard geotextile, so a robust geotextile that protects the separation geotextile is essential. It is a drainage enhancing composite used in wet conditions where poor drainage or a high water table exists.

Features of Geotextile-GeoNet Geocomposite:

♦ Needle-punched geotextile
♦ Suitable for sub-grades containing angular stone
♦ Prevents sub-grade erosion
♦ Enhances Stabilization
♦ Manufactured using HDPE geonet sandwiched between two layers of high quality Geotextiles to provide the necessary robustness