Grass Protecting Geocomposite

The Grass protecting Geocomposite is a temporary grass protection matting which houses heavy duty grass protection mesh, bonded to a strong non woven needle-punched geotextile. It can be used to provide two functions for the temporary protection and access requirements on grassed surfaces particularly in wet and muddy conditions.

Which Side Up?

♦ When laid with geotextiles facing upwards and mess on facing the grass, it provides a clean, stable and safe surface for pedestrians, while protecting the grass from damage.
♦ When laid with the geotextile laid facing the ground and mesh upwards, it provides additional reinforcement to the grass surface and further resistance to deformation. Applications include temporary vehicle access routes and grass tracks.

Common Application of the Grass and Shoe Protecting Geocomposite:

Best when used as temporary reinforcement solution for wet muddy ground required for access, parking and grass tracks.

♦ Ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions and concerts
♦ Ideal for marquee paths and flooring
♦ Temporary car parks and wheelchair access routes
♦ Temporary pedestrian and vehicle access routes
♦ Reusable
♦ Quick and Easy to Set
♦ Quick and Easy to Remove