Smooth HDPE

HDPE is the most widely used geomembrane due to low permeability, high resistance properties, and extensive service life. HDPE geomembrane, manufactured in Pakistan by Shahzada Industries has a reputation as an excellent and preferred product for lining projects which require low permeability, superior UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance, and a cost-effective alternative. It is heat welded at the project site by Shahzada Industries’ team of expert technicians ensuring high quality finish and application of test certified installation techniques.

Shahzada Industries smooth HDPE geomembrane liner is manufactured from a specific high grade of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with custom formulation, virgin polyethylene resin, carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging agent and UV resistance agents. Our smooth HDPE liner yields excellent resistance to UV radiation and superior resistance to degradation when exposed to extreme weathers, and chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.

Advantages of Smooth HDPE liner:

♦ Excellent stress crack capacity.
♦ Low permeability
♦ Outstanding Chemical resistance
♦ Excellent UV resistance
♦ Stable low temperature
♦ Embrittlement resistance
♦ Accurate thickness with minimal variation in differential
♦ Cost effective alternative to traditional methods
♦ Shahzada Industries Manufactures, delivers, and Installs







Common Applications of Smooth HDPE liner:

♦ Aquaculture
♦ Fish / Shrimp pond
♦ Landfill cap / cover
♦ Landfill closure and liner
♦ Storage tanks
♦ Dissolving tanks
♦ Anti-seepage application
♦ Containment
♦ Agriculture
Hazardous waste management
♦ Landscaping
♦ Oil and Gas Industry
♦ Petrochemical refining