Liner and Installation Services

Shahzada Industries is the industry leader in manufacturing and Installing geosynthetics such as smooth HDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, PP, EPDM, PVC, textured HDPE & LLDPE geomembrane, and Geotextiles in Pakistan. At Shahzada Industries, we righteously take great pride in being a pioneer manufacturer and introducer not only of geomembranes but of geosynthetics in Pakistan.

Since 1996, Shahzada Industries has provided top of the line installation service with teams of highly experienced and skilled technicians, U.S. trained site supervisors, and state of the art welding and testing equipment to meet your installation requirements and exceed your expectations. With more than two decades of experience in manufacturing and installing geosynthetics, we have dealt with almost all kinds of installation challenge but were always able provide a practical and feasible solution through implementation of  knowledge, experience, and empirical data. Having worked with many of the largest corporations across different market sectors, we have manufactured and installed geosynthetics in some of the largest Agriculture/Aquaculture ponds, landfills, industrial containment ponds, and water containment ponds constructed in Pakistan.

Shahzada Industries is one of Pakistan’s largest independent manufacturer and installer of liners, managing many installation projects all over the country while effectively maintaining the well-earned industry reputation as the manufacturer and installer of the highest quality geomembrane in pakistan. Our teams of highly coordinated individuals, top notch equipment, and as a manufacturer, our deep understanding of the product paired with solution driven experience and innovation packed history results in Shahzada Industries being the most economical and practical geomembrane and geotextiles installer in Pakistan.

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