PolyLock is an extruded HDPE concrete embedment strip used for attachment Shahzada Industries geomembrane in Pakistan. PolyLock is a rugged, durable HDPE product which has the ability to be cast-in-place or inserted into wet concrete.The embedment of anchors provides a high-strength mechanical anchor to the concrete allowing a much stronger grip and high resistance to pulling forces but recommended to be installed by Shahzada Industries professional technicians. When properly installed and utilized with shahzada Industries geomembrane, PolyLock provides an outstanding barrier to leakage and a tight seal. It is ranked as the most effective and economical cast-in-place mechanical anchor system for HDPE Geomembrane liner manufactured by Shahzada Industries.

Features of PolyLock:

♦ Rounded anchor fingers for extra strength.
♦ Superior leakage barrier
♦ Most effective Anchor system in the market