Road Edge Drain

Road Edge drainage geocomposites collects and channels liquids and gases to a carrier pipe for transportation to a suitable discharge point along the highway. edge fin drain provides vertical drainage on both sides whilst acting as a barrier protecting the sub-base from inundation from the road verge. It is a cost effective alternative to traditional stone drainage for highway edge drains and concrete central reservation drainage.

Road Edge Drain system is a double cuspated drainage geocomposite fully wrapped with a filter geotextile with an integral pipe sleeve. The geocomposite is laid alongside the trench, threaded with perforated pipe, dropped into a narrow trench and backfilled by pushing and compacting the excavated soil back into the trench adjacent to the drain. The surface is then covered with soil or a shallow apron of stone.

Advantages of Road Edge Drain:

♦ High water Flow displacement
♦ Quick drainage to concrete channels
♦ High water flows compared to traditional drainage stone
♦ Ideal for longitudinal drainage
♦ High drainage capacity even under pressure
♦ Space saving, narrow trench requirement
♦ Re-use of site won excavated material
♦ Reduction or elimination of drainage stone & haulage requirements

Common Applications of Road Edge Drain:

♦ French drains
♦ Combined surface and sub-surface drainage
♦ Highways
♦ Flood zone roads and highways