Smooth MDPE

Blended Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Geomembrane provide low cost, long-term lining and covering solutions. Excellent elongation characteristics make them readily moldable around unusual shapes and they have a high carbon black content making them extremely resistant to UV degradation. Puncture and tear strength of our MDPE Geomembranes far exceed common polyethylene or vinyl films.

♦ Remediation Cover & Liners
♦ Outdoor Coverings
♦ Cargo Covers
♦ Oilfield Pit Liners
♦ Silage Covers

Advantages of Smooth MDPE liner:

♦ Excellent stress crack capacity
♦ Low permeability
♦ Outstanding Chemical resistance
♦ Excellent UV resistance
♦ Stable low temperature
♦ Embrittlement resistance
♦ Accurate thickness with minimal variation in differential
♦ Cost effective alternative to traditional methods
♦ Shahzada Industries Manufactures, delivers, and Installs

Common Applications of Smooth MDPE liner:

♦ Fish / Shrimp pond
Landfill cap / cover
Landfill closure and liner
Storage tanks
Dissolving tanks
Anti-seepage application
Hazardous waste management
Oil and Gas Industry
Petrochemical refining