Smooth PVC

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is the most commonly specified lining material in the industry. Manufactured by the calendaring or extrusion process, it is a highly flexible, non-reinforced, cost-effective, waterproofing geomembrane with many uses and advantages for the user. Because of its high flexibility, PVC liners readily conform to sub grade contours and offer excellent interface friction without being textured. The use of a PVC liner prevents contaminants from entering groundwater sources or streams. In addition, it conserves potable water resources by preventing seepage loss.

PVC is available in a variety of formulations including fish grade and oil resistant.

Advantages of PP liner:

♦ High puncture strength
♦ High Flexibility
♦ Excellent Abrasion Resistance
♦ Degrading resistance to numerous industrial chemicals


Common Applications of PVC Geomembrane:

♦ Decorative Ponds & Water Features
♦ Golf Course Ponds
♦ Fish Hatcheries
♦ Lakes & Streams
♦ Reservoirs
♦ Irrigation Ponds
♦ Landfill Caps
♦ Canals and Channels
♦ Wastewater Treatment Facilities