HDPE Studliner

StudLiner is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) protects against chemical and mechanical damage to concrete structures. Our StudLiner is manufactured with approximately 110 studs per square foot to guarantee high pullout strength and provide excellent stress distribution during temperature changes and pressure build-up. It can be installed over an exposed surface of a new or existing concrete structure, and it will provide a life expectancy that is five times greater than that of an unprotected structure. HDPE protective liners provide concrete protection from mechanical damage, corrosive and erosive environments. The product is also available in either gray or black, and in a variety of sizes to be the perfect fit for your project.

Also Available in:

♦ Polypropylene (PP) Material
♦ Polypropylene (PP) Material

Advantages of Studliner:

♦ Excellent Acid Resistance
♦ Excellent Alkali Resistance
♦ Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Resistance
♦ Aromatic Hydrocarbon Resistance
♦ Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resistance
♦ Minimal Lateral Movement
♦ Cost Effective Compared to Other Concrete Protective Systems
♦ Prefabrication Capabilities
♦ Applicable for a wide variety of concrete structures
♦ Secure mechanical anchoring to the concrete structure
♦ High elasticity to bridge cracks in the concrete
♦ High impact resistance
♦ Excellent shear resistance



Common Applications  of Concrete Protective Studliner:

♦ Concrete processing pits
♦ Concrete sump pits
♦ Pre-cast concrete manholes
♦ Concrete sewer tunnels
♦ Concrete storage tanks
♦ Prefabricated concrete structures