Textured LLDPE

Textured HDPE
Textured LLDPE

When increased frictional performance, flexibility and elongation, Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) Liners is required, Shahzada Industries Textured LLDPE Geomembrane is the best product choice. Its superior textured surface allows for increased friction between the two layers and the design of steeper slopes. Our LLDPE Textured liner is manufactured in a way to greatly reduce the hydraulic conductivity of earthworks.

Other Available LLDPE Textured Geomembrane:

♦ UltraFlex Textured
♦ UltraFlex White Textured
♦ UltraFlex White Textured
♦ Ultra FrictionFlex
♦ UltraFlex Leak Location Textured
♦ UltraFlex Leak Location White Textured

Advantages of Textured LLDPE liner:

♦ Superior flexibility and Enhanced Elongation
♦ UV and Chemical Resistant
♦ Puncture Resistant
♦ Increased Sevicelife and Durability
♦ Increased Frictional Resistance


Common Applications of Textured LLDPE liner:

♦ Storm Water Collections Ponds
♦ Landfill Caps
♦ Solid Waste Landfills
♦ Hazardous Waste Landfills
♦ Wastewater
♦ Effluent Ponds
♦ Exposed Ponds
♦ Coal ash ponds