Standard Woven

Standard Woven
Woven Monofilament

Shahzada Industries has provided solutions to containment and erosion control with the highest quality woven geotextiles available. Our geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene materials which offer optimum performance when used in stabilization applications. Produced from first quality raw materials, they provide the perfect balance of strength and separation in styles capable of functioning exceptionally well in a wide range of performance requirements. Our woven geotextiles are primarily used in drainage, filtration, separation, and soil reinforcement as well as in road and embankment construction for moderate to severe site condition. They restrict soil particles but allow liquid and gases to easily pass through them serving their purpose in a meaningful manner. Woven geotextiles are used to improve the performance of environmental engineering, civil engineering, and construction projects including roads, railways, and landfills.

Advantages of Woven Geotextiles:

♦ Reduces the Required Aggregate Thickness in Unpaved Roads
♦ Soil Reinforcement for Greater Load Distribution
♦ Extends Road and Railway life
♦ High Tensile Strength, Durability, and superior Damage Resistan
♦ Immediate Structural Support

Common Applications of Woven Geotextiles:

♦ Soil Separation
♦ Filtration
♦ Erosion & Sediment Control
♦ Subgrade Stabilization
♦ Protection for Geomembrane Liners
♦ Covers & Tarps
♦ Roadway Separation
♦ Railroad Stabilization
♦ Subsurface Drainage
♦ Containment
♦ Temporary Liners
♦ Turbidity Curtains & Silt Fence